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We are local experts in foreclosures, short sales and bank negotiations. We have successfully helped over 2,000 homeowners in difficult homeowner situations, just like yours. Even Realtors call us for help!

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Meet Mark: Mark Deardorff was facing foreclosure and was up almost every night worrying about what to do, where to live, and how to take care of his wife and two little girls. See, Mark had been laid off and didn’t know how he was going to keep up with his mortgage, car payments and the rest of his bills. When he got this same card in the mail, he thought, “What do I have to lose, seems they already helped a bunch of folks like me.” When he called, Mark spoke with us for almost 30 minutes about his problems and his worries. We listened in earnest and with compassion. You will find out that we know what it feels like, the stress, the worry and the hopelessness.

Unlike some people, Mark did something. He didn’t bury his head in the sand hoping the problem goes away. He didn’t stop trying for a solution, even when his so-called expert Realtor failed to deliver on promises, Mark kept trying. Even with his pending foreclosure only one month away, Mark kept trying. Foreclosure stinks, but will you try or just give up? What do you have to lose? How much peace of mind could you gain, not to mention your remaining credit? Do something. Go right now and pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-CASH-OFFER, or fill out our easy contact form below. Go now and do it. You’ll be more than happy and relieved that you did.