Investor FAQ

Investor FAQ


Should I buy properties from another investor?
Not unless you do not have the time and resources to find deeply discounted properties on your own. We realize that Integrity First Property Group is not the only source where investors can find deals, but we want to be a TRUSTED source for you. When you consider one of our wholesale properties, you have our guarantee that we have provided you with the most accurate information we have available and will work with you to help you be successful.
How can you help me get started?
Any investor we work with is treated with professionalism and respect. If we sell you a property, we want you to achieve your financial goals as well as provide us with the opportunity to do more business with you. As a result, we take an active role in your investment activities when we sell you a property. From finding you the right property to providing resources and guidance with the rehab process, Integrity First Property Group is there for you. Finally, we advise you on the best avenues for your respective exit strategy. We do not charge for any of the resources, guidance, or advice we provide to you. This is part of helping you to be successful with your real estate investments.
How do I invest in real estate if I don’t have the time or resources?
If you simply do not have the time to manage a rehab project and get a property sold and you understand that real estate yields great returns, we offer an exclusive investor program.This program is available to a limited number of participants, so contact us to find out whether you qualify. 

Can you help me secure funding to purchase your properties?
We have access to a number of private money lenders and hard money lenders if you do not have ready cash.By working with the Integrity First Property Group, you can secure reasonable terms: around 3-5 points, 13%-15% interest, with a loan maturity ranging from 6-12 months. 

Why should I buy the deals you don’t want, since you probably keep the best deals for yourselves?
We hear that a lot, and we assure you that to maintain our integrity, we offer all of our properties first to other investors at wholesale prices.Our price may not always make sense to another investor, but the opportunity to buy the property at a discounted value is always available.We buy properties at the best possible value but realize that not all of our properties will make sense for other investors. As a result, we always buy with the intention of renovating the property ourselves. 

Will you help me through my first or next investment?
When you purchase one of our wholesale properties, we have a vested interest in your success.We rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals among investors, and the best way to get more referrals is to make the investors to whom we have already sold a property very happy.We provide you, at no cost, resources, referrals, and guidance when you purchase one of our wholesale properties.If you are purchasing one of our discounted wholesale properties, we will put you in a position where you can succeed.