Integrity First Property Group helps 1st time home buyers with one of the biggest investments of your lifetime! We will walk you through the whole exciting process from the moment you submit an application to settlement. We have access to the area’s best mortgage lenders who work with every type of home financing and can help anyone with below average credit to the best. The lenders will also review your information for financing options at NO cost to you!

The home buying process can be confusing and a little bit scary. Integrity First Property Group has knowledgeable Home Owner Specialists and Licensed Real Estate Agents that will guide you through the home buying process to make sure you are completely satisfied with the purchase of your 1st home! We help with closing costs to help reduce payments and offer a full home inspection free of charge! There are also other programs the state of Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) provides for 1st time home buyers, click to find out more.


There are many benefits of homeownership:

  • Homeownership is associated with physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Children of homeowners are likely to preform higher academically and have fewer behavioral problems.
  • Never have to worry about being given a 30-60 day notice to move or where to go when when your lease is up.
  • Being able to make changes and repairs to your home when you want to and however you want.
  • Tax breaks and building equity in your home investment.
  • Living the American dream and having that place to call “home.”


1st time homeowner tips:

  • Under estimating the costs of acquiring and owning a home: Save a few months in advance and budget for property taxes, homeowners & private mortgage insurance, and HOA fees if applicable.
  • Do not make any large purchases before buying a home: Lenders check debt load before closing and it can “kill” the deal.
  • Buying a home without the help of a Realtor or one of our Homeowner Specialists: They know the market and can provide information on the neighborhood, utilities, taxes, schools, & crime.
  • Expecting your dream home: You could have it all in a perfect world, it is about setting expectations and balancing the wants with the affordable.
  • Integrity First Property Group provides a free home inspection and help with closing costs for any home you purchase through us!


Integrity First Property Group’s extensive inventory of homes covers all price ranges and all buyers, no matter if you are an entry level, first time buyer or you are an experience buyer looking for your dream house. We help real people with real home-buying solutions. The 1st step to buying a home is to get pre-approved. Fill out the pre-approval form and you are on your way to owning your own home!!